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Rethink RFPs
Rethink Strategic Sourcing
Rethink Competitive Contracts
Rethink Compliance
Rethink Spend Analytics
Rethink E-Procurement
Rethink Cost Containment
Rethink Supplier Management

About Us?

E&I Cooperative Services is the only member-owned, non-profit sourcing cooperative exclusively focused on serving the education community. And because it’s our sole focus, we are uniquely equipped with the knowledge, experience, and passion to meet the specialized needs of educational procurement.

Browse E&I’s newest contracts, latest updates to existing contracts, and special promotions currently offered by our suppliers.

Control spend and drive cost savings with our range of e-procurement solutions, from our no-cost online Marketplace to additional platforms with varying levels of functionality and integration.

Streamline your sourcing and spend activities with a personalized SSA. We review and analyze your spend data for opportunities to reduce costs, bring more spend under contract, and maximize spend control and efficiencies.


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Register for upcoming live events or watch recordings of our informational webinars featuring suppliers and members like you.


Each episode of Cooperatively Speaking covers the topics most important to procurement and end-users at schools and universities.


Keep up with the latest posts on Viewpoints, our blog featuring subject matter experts from E&I and across our portfolio of suppliers.


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